Design preparation requirements (how to make print ready file)

Main rules to follow in order to make print ready design:

Artwork can be made with various graphic design programs if you follow simple but important rules:

1. Artwork has to be made using CMYK colors (not RGB)

2. All images should be at least 300 dpi (for digital print) or 150 DPI (for large format printing)

3. All important elements (text, logo) should be placed 2-3 mm away from trimming mark so it would not be cut off after printing.

4. Print ready artwork should have at least 2mm bleed for trimming (bleed part of the design will be cut off after printing) We recommend putting 5 mm bleed on your designs.  For example A6 size design should be 109×152 mm size and affter trimming it will be 105×148 mm size.

5. Text should be outlined (converted to curves) to avoid font errors.

6. Designs should be sent as PDF documents (we also accept JPEG or TIFF formats)